Winter Photography

There are always opportunities for photography. If you live in a state or a country where you experience the four distinct seasons, then winter is probably the least liked season to be a photographer. The weather is cold, there are not many events such as weddings. Nonetheless, the cold cannot be an excuse.

Living in New York is beautiful all four seasons, but winters can be brutally cold. The snow is not the problem, usually it gets cleaned up, but the cold is the problem.  The cold weather and the snow make it challenging to keep batteries from running down quickly, and keeping your hands warm. Also, the daylight hours are shorter, and getting out really early is not a well-coming idea due to the cold. So, if you are a photographer, what do you do? We say, get out there and do what you do best, capture moments and create memories for yourself or for your clients.


  1. Daylight hours are short. Get out early.
  2. Batteries drain faster in the colder weather, so have extra batteries and keep them on an inside pocket close or in a padded camera bag.
  3. Winter is not very colorful, so you will have to brighten things up in post production.
  4. Carry a few Ziploc freezer bags
  5. Wear gloves
  6. Invest in a good camera-bag.
  7. Go off the beaten path sometimes and you will find unique angles to the same iconic landmarks. 
  8. HAVE FUN! 

Let us change our mindset. Let us make use of the snow on the ground, the snow-scapes, the ski slopes, and many other winter events and sights. Create a plan and work your plan. Leave the fancy camera at home if you have to because the best camera is the one you have with you at the moment, and everyone has a smartphone with a camera. Go and capture moments and create memories.


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