The Frozen Apple

The Frozen Apple

First Major Snowstorm of 2022

The states on the North East Cost of the United States are bracing for up to 20 inches of snow. In New York City, I just peeked out my window, and there is already 2 inches of snow on the ground and it is only 4:00a.m. The snow is expected to go on until about 1:00p.m. You can say, Snow snow go away! Or, you can embrace it and go out and get some great photos.

Get Out There

As a photographer who was brave enough to go out immediately after Superstorm  Sandy and captured photos in my community, once I see daylight, I will be going out to capture some of the scenes. If you are going out to take photos, even if it is with your cellphone, take a small portable charger with you and the cable, so you can keep your phone charged. You really do not need a fancy camera.

Some Tips

Here are a few tips as you go out into the frozen tundra.  When taking photographs always take a variety of the same object or person. For example, always take a close-up, a wide, a portrait (vertical) and a landscape (horizontal) photo. If you need to post to social media then you might not need to crop your photo, or if you have to, you will not lose part of your image. 

So, go out and have some fun. Bundle up. The cold will  drain your batteries, so take a little beltbag so you can store extra batteries and a portable charger. I will have photos on my post tomorrow or later today. Enjoy the snow. 

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